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Rachel Metriyakool

As far as I am aware, most of us have grown up watching Zoey 101. Yup, I said it, Zoey 101. The show with Jaimie Lynn Spears, Victoria Justice, just to name a few. The show where I like to believe most of us in California went to school (or at least I did). But we all remember that episode that aired 10 years ago today. The one about the time capsule? Where Zoey put a DVD in where she said how she felt about Chase? Ah, Chase.

All those years, we all wanted to know what was said but never until now. Dan Schneider revealed in his latest video what Zoey's message Chase said and it all happens while he's proposing to his current girlfriend! I saw this while on break at Coffee Bean earlier today and had to write about it. I love Michael frantically coming into the restaurant once finds Chase and from there we still have their humor; might I say they've grown up within these 10 years. In the words of Dan Schneider, "10 years ago, Zoey buried her feelings for Chase in the PCA Time Capsule. Today, exactly 10 years later, we learn what Zoey said :)"

Now let's all relive our childhood and finally find out what Zoey wanted to tell Chase 10 years.


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