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Once Upon a Time is returning once more for season 5 next Sunday. In the wake of new villains and everything else that is OUAT, the bosses are exploring the relationship between Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger). Now, this has me excited to the max. I have shipped these two since I saw the show and now we are seeing more of them...TOGETHER and possibly I say....a relationship! Executive producers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitisis promise to explore the LGBT relationship between Mulan and Aurora.

Both bosses wanted to delve deeper into their relationship upon their return to the show. "We know that community have been big supporters of the show and we would love to be able to tell a love story that reflects that,” Kitsis said. He is definitely not wrong. I am certainly one of those supporters out there along with my friends. This allows them to relate with what is going on in the world, today. The execs of Once Upon a Time have been wanting to do this year and they believe it is due and is important to the show.

This does even it open to ambiguity of the relationship between Aurora and Mulan but this gives an opportunity for possibly new characters? I'm honestly excited for this. I can't wait to see how they explore their relationship or any relationship with that matter. I'm still in shock from the last season that I do not know what to expect from this season. I'm completely stoked though.

What do you guys think about OUAT exploring the LGBT relationship this season?


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