ByLohith Nyalapogula, writer at
Lohith Nyalapogula

On the 17th of September 2015, it was announced that there would be a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie and that it would be directed by Greg Berlanti and written by Zack Penn.

It is also said that the movie will be part of the DC Extended Universe. So what does this mean? I think that this means DC is competing with Marvel by being on the same level. From 2017 onwards, Marvel is pushing out three movies a year instead of the standard two. Could DC be up to the same thing? It would kind of make sense, since there are rumours that the Batman solo film will be released in 2018, and this movie could be released in 2017 or (more likely) 2019. But what doesn't make sense is that this is meant to be a 'buddy cop' movie, which doesn't at all go with the tone of the DCEU. But then again, Shazam isn't going to be a dark and gritty movie either, and that is part of the DCEU. The way I see it, its like the Star Wars Universe, you have the main movies and then you have the spin-offs (e.g rogue one).


Would you watch a Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie?


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