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Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

Well what an amazing film, this was. Although plot wise it wasn't as constructed as the first film. The Maze Runner(Review here). Great acting now doubt. Thomas(O' Brien) as ever so cute and adorable that he is, is always the odd ball out. hhaahah

Where there was a scene of darkness, my heart was beating like mad. I was able to see if a character would jump out at the screen a few times. But one character of which was infected with the "Flare" virus scared the shite outta me. hahaah.


The plot as I said above wasn't as constructed as the first one. In the first one they were mainly in one area ie the Maze. However this time, the amigos: Newt(Brodie-Sangster); Winston(Flores); Teresa(Scodelario); Minho(Lee); Frypan(Darden) and newly joined to the amigos Aris(Lofland) all escape the WICKED(World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department). In the opening scenes, we see a Young Thomas(Gallegos) being given up by his mother(Martinez-Cunningham) to WICKED. Fast forward to the present times, Thomas as ever continues to cause havoc by wondering whats going on etc., Janson(Gillen) is head of Operations at this facility. So the gang with Aris' help escape the facility. Of which I was quite surprise considering if you're NOT in the Facility that you will not survive out in the open with all the zombies or the "Flare" affected beings. However I was wrong, as Thomas proved otherwise. They encounter Brenda(Salazar) and Jorge(Esposito) in their travels. They then continue their journey. However sadly one of my precious; Winston is affected by an affected being ie the "Flare" virus. They want to get to beyond the Mountain. They arrive some how survivingly. Teresa while at the Mountain calls upon the WICKED by stating "I'm sorry, I had no choice", something like that. An epic battle ensues. The Powerful Ava Paige(Clarkson) appears and what a statement that really went through me when she stated: "Whatever it takes" ,while she goes to test for immunisation etc., etc., So Thomas takes his power when Minho is taken back to WICKED, "I am going to kill Ava Paige". Says I to meself, that's going to be the Defining Chapter aka, great conclusion to the series etc.,


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