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Hunter Woods

Ghosts and spirits have been a topic that has stirred the imaginations of people for thousands of years. But is it necessarily just imagination that sparked the interest in such ghouls? Or is there a bit of truth to this subject? Over the years in my life I've always been intrigued by the idea of the supernatural, although I never quite had proof of the matter. I always believed that ghosts existed, but never had proof. Until one day a year after I graduated high school a group of friends and I met up at our friends house. We where celebrating old times, drinking and reminiscing just having fun. Then the topic of ghosts popped up, I mentioned that I believed in ghosts but never had any experiences myself. A few of my friends believed and a few was highly skeptical. Then my friend Kyle started telling us about a class he took at St. Albans Sanatorium, a local hot spot for known hauntings. It is located in Radford virginia, and it used to be an all boys school. A lot of horrible things happened there and it's actually known to be one of the most haunted places on the east coast. Well enough about the building ( figured I'd give a brief summary of the place just incase anyone was curious, give it a Google!) the class was organized by a ghost hunter tv show, not sure exactly which one. Anyways the class consisted of a seminar on the first day, teaching the class on different instruments used to talk to ghosts. As well as the ghost hunter team giving them a tour of the building and demonstrating how to communicate with the other side. The next day of the class the students got to explore by themselves, rather in a group or alone. My friend had more balls then I do and went on his hunt alone. He recorded some of his conversations and the instrument he used was no other than a regular flashlight. The only trick to it is you have to have a flashlight that twists to turn on, you turn it to where it's sensitive but still off, so twist it enough to where it's almost on, but no light is emitted. You then sit the flashlight down and ask yes or no questions, if the light turns on its a yes. If it stays off the answer is no. So for example, in one of his videos he was in the basement of the building and he said "are there any spirits with me this evening" and as soon as he said that the light turned on, he then responded with "thank you, you may turn the flashlight off now" and no sooner as he said that the light turned off. I was amazed by the video as was my friends, but all of us was still skeptical. It was then my friend Hannah who's house we was at said that there was a small graveyard owned by the town we lived in right behind her house. My friend Kyle conveniently had his flashlight with him, so we decided to go to the graveyard and see if it worked. We found a gravestone that had concrete on the ground in front of it, I'm guessing to cover the burial spot that the casket was in. We all sat down on the concrete block and positioned the flashlight on the gravestone in front of us, he then asked if any spirits were present, and boom the flashlight turned on. After seeing that I was awestruck, seeing this happen in front of me was amazing. We all started asking questions about his life, the afterlife and so on if he was a good spirit etc. about 30 minutes into the ghostly encounter our friend Marshall stated that there had to be a logical explanation for all this, he said the wind must be interfering turning on the flashlight or something of that nature. So we decided to test his theory by not talking to the ghost and seeing what would happen and guess what? The light never turned on once, that is until we started asking questions again. Since then I bought a few flashlights myself specifically for talking to ghosts, and have shown a few skeptical friends over the years. I suggest anyone reading this article try it out as well! Don't believe a random guy who wrote an article! Go out and experience it yourself I guarantee you won't be disappointed! A few tips if you do decide to experiment with the other side though, always be polite! Never asks rude questions and don't be mean to the spirit in which you are communicating with. No one likes a dick, not even ghosts.


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