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Marc Wiechmann
... word. There is of course a lot of geek talk, but hey: you cannot discuss on how a fight between Superman and Thor would end, if you don't know both characters really well. So obviously, and in my experience this is true, most comic fans love DC as well as Marvel and just are giving one the upper hand for various reasons. Plus, there are a lot of comics, with and without super heroes, from other publishers like Avatar, Image, Dark Horse and so on. I for example just like some Marvel characters more, and they do more crossover events, which is what a like a lot. Besides the big story arcs of Marvel I think that DC has the better single stories. I am as excited for Batman v Superman as I am for Captain America:Civil War. I think that pretty much fits for the studios and actors as well as for the fans. Just give us dem superhero movies, I don't care from which publisher :-) (also, to be honest, there is not THAT much difference sometimes, many characters are very similar and sometimes even admitted, straight on copies or hommages)

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