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Apologies for the quick article! But I wanted to just highlight something quickly!

We are all excited for Series 9 of Doctor Who to air tonight, and the above photo is giving us all fan-gasms but I ask the fan base this...

Did anybody notice this little easter egg when this was shown today on the official Doctor Who Facebook page?

Jenna Coleman is wearing no shoes? Why no shoes? Aside from the fact Paul McCartney wore no shoes on the iconic album cover, this is extremely important.

Fans of The Beatles are no stranger to the conspiracy theory that is Paul McCartney and had been replaced by a look-a-like.

Now we already know The Doctor's longest serving companion, Clara Oswald is leaving Doctor Who.

Don't go Clara!
Don't go Clara!

However, we are all wondering how will she leave the series? Will she be left behind like Susan or Rose? or will she walk away like Tegan?

Perhaps she will die?

Consider the facts...

Son of a ... LOOK AT THAT!
Son of a ... LOOK AT THAT!

The above was the announced titles of Series 9!

Notice anything?

Episode 5: "The Girl Who Died"

Come on, something is going on here that we're missing surely? It's sketchy, but the BBC are keeping a tight lid on anything.

And I am serious...

Thoughts welcomed.

Note to self: Must breathe before writing articles!


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