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In the comics all Marvel characters are in the same universe but,when it comes to the movies there are seperate universes mainly the Xmen Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.This is because some time ago Stan Lee the founder of Marvel sold of the movie rights to some of the characters such as Spider-man,Namor,Man Thing and the Xmen. This is why teams like the Xmen and the Avengers are never in the same movie.

20th Century Fox

The 80 year old film industry giant Fox bought the movie rights for The Xmen and Deadpool movie franchises and share movie rights to the two characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 3 highest earning superhero movies by Fox are;

  • 1. X-men:The Last Stand
  • 2. The Wolverine
  • 3. X2: X-men United

Universal Studios

Universal owns rights to one of the first Marvel heroes ever Namor and produced Man Thing in 2006 and partly own rights to the Planet Hulk storyline in which The Hulk is sent to space.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures own rights to Spider-man.They produced the Spider-man trilogy and the two Amazing Spider-man movies.Sony decided to make a third Amazing Spider-man movie but decided to partner with Marvel Studios to have Spider-man in the MCU.

Marvel Studios

All the other characters that aren't owned by the above studios belong to Marvel Studios,which is why Marvel Studios have produced so many movies and TV series.


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