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[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) introduced us to four fully fledged new Avengers, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Falcon. Next year, Captain America will give the opportunity to see more of the newly established Avengers.

With these four now making a total of ten Avengers, one might think that there should be more than just three of these heroes with their own standalone films, Ironman, Captain America and Thor (not including Hulk since only one film has been made and because of the obstacle with his distribution rights). Whilst it is still unclear if Hulk, Black Widow or Hawkeye will have their own films, four heroes have been added to the mix, which begs the question as for what Marvel may plan for these heroes. It would certainly be nice to have more of the original characters from phase one and two populating marvels phase four given that Marvels phase three is crowded with totally new characters (no complaints there, just an observation).

So what do you think? Which of these new Avengers should have their own movie?

Scarlet Witch

She may not want a film at present, but may be more open to it if Marvel found a way to make her role in the MCU more substantial and interesting for Olsen. She may also be interested if the character had a one of film rather than a trilogy, which undoubtedly would take up much of her time as an actress. As noted in cinemablend, the film may offer a chance to see more of Vision if there is a romantic involvement between the two as dictated in the comics, especially if a Vision standalone is not guaranteed. It may also offer insight as to how she deals with Pietro’s death and the film may delve into his back-story a little more. Again noted by cinemablend, this film would also offer more female led films in marvels universe.


Would you like Scarlet Witch to have her own film?


Personally one of my favourite new Avengers, a half android, half organic superhero armed with an infinity stone. A Vision standalone would be interesting to discover what it means to be like Vision and how that affects him. If a Scarlet Witch film was not guaranteed, this film could also offer more insight into Scarlet Witch, again due to her romantic relationship with vision as dictated in the comics. Elizabeth Olson may also find this more appealing due to her recent comments on cinemablend that she implies is happy as a supporting character. As a holder of the infinity stone, it offers more of a role for those legendary items, craved by Thanos himself and how the Vision deals with such a great responsibility. Let’s face it, Paul Bettany was great and probably a scene stealer for those who have seen Avengers Age of Ultron.


Would you like Vision to have his own film?

War Machine

Not quite Ironman, but for those fans of Tony Starks comics, you can see more of the techno mojo that made Tony Stark what he is. Possibly one of the earliest of the new Avengers to appear in the MCU. Don Cheadle has proven that he is enthusiastic and loyal to the role of War Machine. He has the right set of morals that makes a super hero what they should be, and known for his humour and great chemistry with the rest of the Avengers. It also offers the chance for Tony Stark to be included in more marvel movies post infinity war.

It would be interesting to see how Rhodey would deal with his own story, situations and villain, in comparison to Starks arrogance and wise crack jokes. As an Air force pilot, there is also the opportunity to include more planes and pilots to battle alongside him against a common foe. It also provides the opportunity for another African American to take on the mantle of his own film in the marvel universe.


Would you like to see War Machine in his own film?


With the possibility of becoming a new Captain America, who wouldn't want an Avenger with wings and a shield to wield, in future Marvel films?

If they can work the magic into how these wings were designed just like Ironman, it offers impressive character development as to how new wings are developed and how Falcon adjusts to new sets of wings for every new design.

With his fabulous appearance in Antman, it would be interesting to see how he interacts with Scott Lang in future films and how their relationship develops after Captain America Civil War.


Would you like Falcon to have his own film?

Which Avenger is your favourite for a standalone? You be the judge!


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