ByJoshua Howland Summer Cowles, writer at
Joshua Howland Summer Cowles

I have had several encounters with the paranormal being that my house was built in 1856. There lingers something just out of sight and the tension is palpable. My first weeks in the house had me weirded out to say the least. Sitting home in my lazy boy with my week old daughter every picture on the wall behind me came crashing down off the wall landing in the middle of the floor face up, no one else was in the house and all of the nails that held the pictures to the wall wee securely in place. Two days later after returning from the store I placed the groceries diaper bag and car seat in the kitchen table when my fiancé and I walked into the living room we were startled by a crash behind us, we look in the kitchen to see everything on the floor like someone had flipped the table. We witnessed a little girl run from the bedroom to the bathroom thinking it was our daughter to go and see she is still sleeping in her bed and the bathroom empty! These are just a few of the crazy things We have encountered in our house and don't even get me started on the ghost cat that inhabits our home. He has made non believers rethink their position on the paranormal!


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