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Jennifer Aniston has tied the knot in the last month, but friends star still send text messages for ex-husband Brad Pitt – and his new wife Angelina Jolie are not very happy about it.

According to new reports Angie was looking at her husband “Brad” phone to find the family a nice picture of, but she saw that: he was talking with someone from an unknown number. The talk was clearly friendly since my mother six noticed an endless stream of emojis person and secret messages.

Director of the actress, 40, have emerged at the end of Jane, 46, who was texted her ex-husband about her marriage to Justin Tiro. “Deportation bedroom door behind her, she threw the phone and demanded to know why Brad was texting Jane behind her back.”

After intensive questioning, Brad, 51, confessed to Jane wanted to talk about the relationship problems claimed. “It was a boil in a positive,” said the source familiar with.

While said Brad promised his wife he didn’t agree with any of their own dirty laundry, “he was the secret that made Angie unsafe. And has been wondering what he was hiding.”

Now Brad has agreed to cut off all contacts with his ex-wife. But it looks like a girl, intermittent actress is still concerned about what is a partner for a long time to reach, and he is constantly under scrutiny.

No wonder Brad and Angelina’s new movie by sea – and that guided Angie right after their wedding in 2014 – looks very bleak.


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