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This is my first ever true Marvel post. Wow! Not too much of a Marvel guy but I am excited for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and how it shakes things up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the big things of course concerning the movie is the big duel between the MCU biggest characters. That right, Captain America vs. Iron Man. Obviously fans have been split down to the core on who will come up on top but with this article hopefully it can sort of break down the advantages and disadvantage of both characters. Let's get started! Oh and don't mind the cover page DC reference.

Combat skills

This one actually tough to decide as both Cap and Iron Man are very skilled in combat. Iron Man was able to hold his own against Hulk and Thor while Cap held his own against Ultron, Winter Soldier, and Loki. Cap a better hand to hand combatant than Tony and has the shield but Iron Man could easily develop a suit that could match Cap effective combat prowess. For some reason it seems to be that what his new suit called the "Bleeding Edge" armor is used for. I will give Iron Man credit that his effectiveness in combat has improved throughout the Marvel movie-verse. Hmm.. tough to decide as their both pretty effective in this particular area so i guess it a tie.



This one is a landslide and Iron Mann has the severe advantage here unless Cap has some secret weapon during the fight because he only has his reliable shield as always. Tony's suits are literally a walking weapon waiting to be unleashed and with all the technological advancements and lethal weaponry, the odds are not in Cap favor. Hopefully during the fight Tony's tech is shut down or something because his tech could easily overpower our beloved Cap.

Advantage: Iron Man

Disadvantage: Captain America.

Intellect/Field Experience

Tony Stark is just a pure genius in technology, i mean the guy can pretty much create scrap into a piece a suit.. i'm serious.

But don't act like Captain America doesn't have any brains either as well. He one of the best tacticians in all of comics and has a ton of experience in the field. Cap probably can't physically beat Tony up front if he in his Iron Man suit, but he can definitely outsmart him and defeat him using his in depth combat knowledge. But Tony has also came up with plans to defeat his opponents as well. Plus you can argue Stark has as much field experience as Cap does seeing as how Avengers 1&2 was pretty much a warzone. Hmm..who has the edge here? I want to give it to Cap but for now it has to be another tie.


Both Captain America and Iron Man are incredibly strong willed men. They've both overcome obstacles in their lives and have become better men because of it. The fight between the two could end becoming into a battle of wills as both men are both strongly determined heroes. Forget the tech or the shield or whatever, it gonna be a battle of ideals where both men have their side of things. Who has the stronger will you ask? There no right answer to that because one doesn't have a stronger will than the other. it once again another tie which leads us to the prediction on how the battle between Cap and Iron Man will play out.

Prediction: Tie

I don't believe there will be a winner between Cap and Iron Man in Civil War honestly. I think it will end up being a stalemate as both characters are evenly matched with Tony having the slight edge over Cap in the tech/weaponry department. Maybe they both realize that this whole time they've been going against each other and have realized what they lost sight off as heroes. I do believe though that after Civil War, Captain America will give up the role as being Cap(and no neither Bucky or Falcon will take over the reigns) If there is a winner expect their relationship to be very complicated in Infinity War and see things be explored in certain aspects. I am expecting one hell of a fight though... I mean it Cap vs. Iron Man right? But know this, when they resolve their issues, there one hell of a team.

What do you guys think? If you have any thoughts make sure to comment down below. Also if you enjoyed my article make sure to share it and follow my page for more content.


Who do you having winning in Captain America: Civil War?


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