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Joseph Harrell
...ith a batarang. To believe such garbage is crazy. I hate when all the Batman fans run around putting him on a pedestal. "If he had prep time". Like what... he's the only comic book character that is able to take ppl out with proper preparation. Captain America is a US Soldier. The military is all about tactical movement/combat. With preparation, Cap could easily hold his own against Batman. And with the Avenger following his command... he could use everyone at the best strengths the destroy Batman. Let me tell you how: First... He'd quarantine the area by using Thor and Iron Man to control a perimeter as an aerial unit. Keeping the Bat contained is key. Knowing Tony... He'd be prepared for any hacking devices or EMP devices. So he'd use one of his many suits. Such as that liquid metallic suit he has (forgot what it's called). As for Thor. Be it the Batting or a Bat Satellite... nothing Thor is physically strong enough the rip his vehicles apart. So the air is covered. Second... Cap would tire out the Bat. Remember... Batman is A MAN! He's no eternal god that can fight forever. Knowing this... Batman's endurance will be tested. So Cap would send in Widow, Hawker, and himself. Cap would push and force Batman to use up quite a bit of his toys from his belt (which is limited btw). Once Batman is seen to be using his equipment sparingly... Cap then would pass forward with Black Widow to engage in physical combat. Keeping Hawker at a distance at all times, just as ground ranged support., once again... Containing the Bat. Can you see where this is going? Keeping the Bat contained is key. With Cap having much more endurance, speed, and strength than Batman (not to mention a slight healing factor) Cap can combat Batman for quite a while, and having the Widow in and out of combat for teaming support, would wear the Bat down. Tiring out the Man... behind the mask. Now. If Batman gains the upper hand at any point... Thor is brought in for brief moments to "rattle the cage" cause the Bat to be put off balance for a bit. Mind you... Thor is no Bane, and unlike Superman... The only weakness Thor has is... You have to physically be stronger than him. So using Thor as a scare tactic, Batman would try to retreat, but with Hawker on watch from a distance, he'd be under surveillance at every move. So escape would be impossible. Now for the fun part... So with the Bat contained, tired, and out of weapons. Cap would call for the Widow to stand down. He'd continue to fight with the Bat for only a brief moment. Then he'd create a slight distance from the Bat... and call in "The Big Guy". With Bruce already understanding what triggers his transformation, doing so from a distance would be a breeze. Now with The Hulk entering the battle against a tired, weaponless, and defenseless Batman... Death is all that awaits the Caped Crusader, as Cap gives The Hulk his final command... "Smash". Hulk unleashes a fury of monstrous attacks against the Bat as Now Hawkeye, Black Widow, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor... All keep eyes on The Bat, and help to keep him in the open to face The Hulk's raged filled attacks. Oh and btw... Batman cutting off the lights wouldn't work... not with the god of thunder around. Either Thor would use Mjolnir as a new power source for the lights, or he'd use it as the lights. Creating eternal lighting for the fight. And trust me.. Bats don't have a weapon to take that hammer down lol. So Hulk kills Bats, and the Avengers head out for shwarma

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