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Season 3 of the hit show Arrow broke the hearts of fans worldwide when we all had to say farewell to our beloved Roy Harper/Arsenal (Colton Haynes).

Speculations has been running rampant since Thea Queen (Willa Holland) went to visit the supposedly deceased Roy Harper that the character would make an eventual return to the series. Well today, I am pleased to tell you that those rumors are turnings into facts, along with a few other surprises.

At the Asiapop Comic-Con Manila, Colton Haynes’ spoke to various reporters and had the following to say about Arrow and his character Roy Harper:

Haynes: “It’s one call away, so yeah. You will definitely be seeing me back on Arrow and possibly a few of the spinoff shows , so yeah.”
Reporter: “So you’re appearing on The Flash?.
Haynes: “Are you putting words in my mouth? Let’s just say I would love to, and if it happens, it’s going to blow everyone’s minds. If it happens.”
Press Host: “Whether or not you’re appearing anywhere else, we’re neither confirming nor denying,”
Haynes: “I think we’re confirming.”

Well, I for one feel like a little kid in a candy store. I think that Roy Harper's return to the series, alongside the seeming probability of The Flash and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), is a necessity. What better character to jump between all three, acting as the link that chains them together, then a hero that the world thinks is dead?

Arrow season 4 premiers 8/7 on the CW, The Flash season 2 premiers 8/6 on the CW, and the newest team-up spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow will hit the CW sometime very early in 2016.

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