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Well it''s the final day of the 5 Day Gaming Challenge, thankfully. All this consistent writing has been beating my writer's block up. i actually continued working on my play this morning. The one I've been procrastinating on for like two weeks now. I'm sure my followers will be happy about me finally getting back to writing about something other than myself. You know the deal, here's a list of the challenges:

  • Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage
  • Day 2: Best multiplayer game
  • Day 3: Longest binge on one game
  • Day 4: Game you play over and over
  • Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

I was under the impression that a lot of people didn't know about this game. Especially since every game shop we mentioned it too looked at us like we had three heads. A lot of people who actually played this game don't know that it actually had a PS2 sequel called I.Q. Remix. I actually just learned about it today. If I had known I'd have definitely got it. This game was really fun and one of the few games my mother was better at than me. It would be amazing if this was either re-released for the ps3/4 with updated graphics like an "Intelligent Qube HD" or if it had a new sequel.

It's said that the storyline behind the game is that an alien race has abducted this man of no name and has decided to test him with these trials in order to gauge the human intelligence level. So kind of like a weird version of portal. I'm not sure if it's ever been confirmed but that was the rumor. For those who haven't played it there were large cubes and you were tasked with making the right cubes disappear. The black cubes were forbidden and would take pieces off the ledge you're on if you destroyed them, the green ones were like C4 and would destroy surrounding cubes at a button's press. It was an extremely simple design that led to hours of fun.

credit to David McNeely
credit to David McNeely

I think it's disappointing how hard it is to find them unless you choose to emulate it and even if you do that your computer has to be strong enough to support that. I know most of those who've played it loved it so I think it wouldn't be hard to get a fanbase or sell out for it. As long as they don't do too much craziness to the control scheme. It's simple and fun don't complicate it unnecessarily just put it out and sell it on PSN for like 10/20 dollars.

Addendum: I just found out that there is a game called Hope's Quest. It's only for Apple products though and I'm android all the way so I guess I'll never get to play it.


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