ByTerry Hofer, writer at
Terry Hofer

No matter how awesome Batman is , he is still human all his toys and gadgets are perfect to capture the imagination of younger audience. I think Batman could beat Hawk eye and Black widow but taking out the hulk with sleeping dart is bad attempt to bypass the fight remember Hulk is still active in Bruce even when Bruce is in true human form when you put bruce to sleep Hulk rages out making a sleeping agent null and void . that in itself is the end of Batman if you unleash a character and down play the other its grade school story time , Iron man and Batman would be a more even fight we can all imagine how that happens there's 50/50 chance in that round and would make a way better movie than bat vs sup. Now Thor is the god of thunder Bat man is a mere pest ,Thor s power is always down played if you look at his character as told he is an arrogant over achiever who was humbled by his father when sent to earth, a true mighty warrior there's no fight for Batman here you better stay in you're league buddy a humble warrior god does not mean a weak one, this thoery of gluing Thor is a joke ,hello hammeer and lighting , that turns everything to dust . do I even have to continue . Batman is the Legendary awesome Dark Knight but he would be more evenly matched to Daredevil , Captain America is a poor childs dream come true , and an honorable warrior in nature who was once weak that equals an understanding of pain and oppression. Batman would be stupid to fight cap cause Cap would destroy the bully in black plain and simple . Gadgets make Bat man cool but to make godly its joke he's highly trained fighter and rich boy who fights bad guys too put him against Avengers is dumb


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