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Comic book adaptations are becoming a large staple of entertainment. Not just in movie theaters, but on our T.V.'s as well. There is a plethora of great shows based off comics. This is only the beginning. The next couple of years will give us more than we can imagine. With that being said, there are a couple ideas that I feel could really work.

Hawkeye and Black Widow prequel

Ever since the mention of Budapest, I have wanted to see more BW and Hawkeye. While they get a decent amount of screen-time in the Avengers movies, I feel it isn't enough. And since we're definitely not getting a solo movie for either of them (and they'll probably die in Infinity War) a show could work with their dynamic. Perhaps a tone like Daredevil even? It's wishful thinking I know, but i can see this come to fruition. They're badass assassin's, how would that not work?


Another movie fans want but most likely won't ever get is a sequel to the beloved and underrated Dredd film. It was technically a box office flop. To no fault if it's own, this movie kicked so much ass. An amazing mix of brutal action and intense story-telling. Something like this could work very well in a series, and introduce more people to the character. It wouldn't look as good as the movie, budgets and all, but i'd settle. I would also love to see the cast from the first movie return. Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby are great actors, and work well together. But i'd be fine with new faces as well. All I know is, more Dredd stuff needs to come out, now.

Nightwing: Bludhaven

I realize we're getting Dick Grayson in the future Titans show on TNT, which is cool, I guess. But i'd much rather have them scrap that, make the Teen Titans an arc in the future Cyborg 2020 movie, and replace it with a series starring Nightwing in the notorious Bludhaven. It could lead to a possible crossover with other shows like Arrow, which has mentioned Bludhaven before. It would work well as series with street level characters, like Daredevil does.

Moon Knight

Marc Spector would make for an AMAZING live-action t.v. show. He's basically the Marvel version of Batman (to an extent). He has such a grounded story that would work really well in a series. He has a great fighting style, that mixes in with supernatural elements. He would also expand the Marvel Universe even further showing the really lesser known characters, especially Shadow Knight, who is not only his nemesis, but his brother as well. That would add a lot of depth to the show as a whole. I would love to see Scott Adkins, who was in the running to play Batman, take this on.


Last on this list is Taskmaster, another lesser known character in the Marvel Universe. While not having any actual powers, he can duplicate other people's physical abilities WITHOUT practice, making him a dangerous foe. He's interacted with many MCU characters in the comics before, so it would interesting to see him do it in a real setting, since Marvel is connecting all of their shows.

Thanks for reading my article hope you enjoyed it. Do you agree with my list? Who do you think should have their own show? Let me know in the comments below. Follow if you want more super awesome posts like this and take care!


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