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Vijay Chauhan

So I have been reading a lot about how people have started finding loopholes with the Batman of Christian Bale in Nolan verse. Main argument is he was far away from the comic book universe Batman. They have been criticising his suit, his lack of intelligence, his lack of morals as depicted in comics (apparently someone pointed out that Batman doesn't kill in comics but he killed Ra's, Harvey a.k.a. Two face and surprisingly Miranda a.k.a Talia al ghul). So here is my theory as to why was Nolan's Batman like he was.

1. We have to understand that Nolan didn't just picked up a story from any of the story from any of existing universe, but as seen in the comics he just picked up the ccharacters from comic book universe and took a more realistic approach in weaving a story out. I think most correct argument would be he wanted to depict how a Batman would be like in real world. For example in Batman begins Batman's suit is more like comic book suit it gives accents of a real body lines. Which gets converted into more of suit with armours which provided function over form, agility over how it looks. If today i decide to be Batman I think my suit would be somewhat similar to Dark Knight's suit with may be a bit differing helmet design. I think any real world person would choose that. You have to see every character was redesigned in a way that they seemed closer to real world for instance which is more belivable, a person falls in a tank full of chemicals and a botched up plastic surgery makes him look exactly similar to circus clown or a person who is already a bit out of his mind and he gets his face carved out in a big smile either by his assailants or by himself.

2. Someone said that he was not shown as intelligent as in comic books. To tthem, people a man cannot get masters degree in each and every course or should I say cool course available on the earth especially dropping out of Harvard, then wander around the whole world as a thief and then learning arts of ninjitsu from Ra's al Ghul (which at least take 2 years) in a time period of 10 -12 years, its just not possible. But still if you would have watched closer there are many instances where we actually see his exceptional intelligence and war tactics he takes sonar phone from Fox and converts it into a big snooping device to keep an eye over whole city, he takes the fragments from a wall and gets fingerprints from them, then again in Dark Knight rises he is the one who creates an arc reactor for producing free energy then again he outsmarts fox and repairs the autopilot function of the Bat. There is only so much that can be shown in 2 hrs movie.

3. Again one argument about lack of his morals. Again people its an almost real world Batman the man behind mask has seen his parents kill in front of him he has roamed around the world living with the so called scum of society. He has learned from Ra's he knows what capabilities he had so if there is a chance that world may get rid of him only if he doesn't save him I think it was a good choice. The other two I.E. Two face and Talia, well first was an accident while trying to save a child after getting shot by a mad man come-on people he saved a child by taking a fall from two stories am I the only one seeing that, if in that process a mad men dies how can Batman's morals be blamed, and again Talia killing it was her own fault she was a terrorist she chose to take that truck off the road onto that under pass she would have died but did any one saw him saving millions of people, or was it only me.

The thing is even I think that Comic book Batman or the Batman the animated series Batman is awesome, but Nolan verse is totally different and we can not write-off him now because some new theories have come up The Bat-bale up until now is best Batman of live action television and movies up until now, we will have to wait and see how Batfleck does but till than the Bat-bale would be on top in movie universe.


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