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It's no secret that the success to most movies is the hype. But these movies didn't have you so excited. Today I will count down 7 movies that blew our minds when they came out. (Please note: these are in no specific order.)


All Smiles Here
All Smiles Here

This may be one of the most popular films, but fans weren't so sure about it when it was announced. While it looked promising, Heath Ledger as "The Joker scared fans. The late actor was a British Male who made fangirls scream, not a crazy psychopath capable of challenging the worlds greatest detective. Then we got this:

and we weren't worried anymore.


KINGSmen in Black
KINGSmen in Black

This recent spy movie not only entertained us, made us laugh, and made us want to make movies, but it made us... nervous?

You heard me. Although it may not have had as hateful comments as other movies, almost everybody had there socks filled with sweat when this movies trailers where released. Neither of them where satisfactory.

Of course, when the actual movie came out, we were all blown away, but the fact is we were not that exited for it.


This ones a classic
This ones a classic

If you haven't heard of this film, then your definitely under the age of four. This movie franchise remains a beloved film, but it wasn't expected to be.

Originally, George Lucas showed the film to his director friends, and all them except one said it would be a huge miss, and that it was incredibly dumb. However, since it's release in 1977, this sci-fi has had six movies, three cartoons, several video games, and more fans than can be counted.


Something about this photo doesn't look right
Something about this photo doesn't look right

You know we had to include this one.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was not that hyped, which is surprising, especially because of it's owner, Marvel. Let's list out there reasoning:

  • It was based of a comic nobody read
  • It looked like "Space Avengers"
  • The trailer was.... well.....

All in all, it wasn't exactly a "Hype Train" movie. But in the end, it made Seven Hundred Million dollars in box office, and was nominated for an Oscar.


RIP Antony
RIP Antony


That's an actual comment on Ant-Man's trailer.

And, to be fair, there kind of right.

Not on the DC part, if we said we liked DC or Marvel more than each other, we'd have fanboy's to deal with.

But the concept did sound strange. I mean, a guy who shrinks down? What's the point of that? But of course, like all the others on this list, this movie ended up both a fun time and a better understanding of Scott's power.


Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

This flick could not be more interesting. The concept was genius, the effects and music were amazing, and the cast was perfect. But it wasn't supposed to be that way. Based off this movies trailer, everything seemed the opposite. Most expected it to end up repetitive, but it was a satisfactory movie, which is worthy of an oscar.


This has to be the longest commercial ever.
This has to be the longest commercial ever.

Lego's turned into a movie. 'Nuff said, right?

But this movie was so much more. It was heartfelt,filled with an amazing cast, and incredibly directed.

That's our list of movies that nobody was exited for. What movies exceeded your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!


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