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Fellow geeks will agree on few things, but one usual point of consensus is just how badass Batman is. And no one here is a more advent supporter of the Dark Knight than I. I know more about him than I do of math. His track record for kicking ass is longer than any DC hero and because of this he is universally respected and feared. This usually leads to pages upon pages of theoretical battles between the Bat and a smorgasbord of heroes and villains alike, the top 2 usually being Batman v Superman and Batman v Spider-man. We can cover the former on another occasion; today I'm focusing on the latter. And my opinion is that Spider-man would be the victor.

Much goes into my belief that Spiderman would woop Batman's ass, personal bias aside. For one the simple fact that Spider Man posses powers, and Batman doesn't. Many will speak up and argue that this doesn't matter, but who here firmly believes that powers don't add an advantage? Who here strongly feels that if a person is given a gun in a sword fight, they will still lose? You can say that skill determines the winner and this is true, but what if both combatants are equally skilled?

Spiderman's skill is nothing that can be argued. He has proven time and time again that he can best even the strongest of foes. From demigods to petty crooks Spidey can beat them all. No doubt he would find a challenge in Batman but a challenge he can overcome. And why not? Every villain Spiderman faces is similar to the ones Batman faces. Bane's strength can be matched to Rhino's; Spider Man has beaten him. Joker's insanity can be matched with The Green Goblin's; Spider Man has beaten him. Catwoman's feminine wiles can be matched the Black Cat's; Spiderman beats her and screws her! If it's a question of foes that determines skill then these two are equally matched. But skill isn't it. So many factors determine a better hero and an ultimate winner.

Abilities. Batman can bench press 1000 pounds; Spiderman, 5 tons. Granted this isn't his original power level, for a very long time he maxed out at 2 tons. But due to an evolution set on him by a villainess named the Queen his power set increases dramatically. Spider-man has to hold back every time he fights a human lest he literally knocks off their skull.

But we all know brawn isn't everything. Both fighters are powerful in the mind as well. Batman's vast intelligence is revered, yet Bruce Wayne's smarts are easily bested by Peter Parker's. Though younger, Peter has impressed even the brightest minds of the Marvel universe. He's able to grasp any concept quickly and can invent his own gadgets to help him. Most of his battles are won because he thought ahead, and thought quickly. The quickest thinker is the fastest reactor,and in a fight reaction is life and death.

Fighting skills. Many try arguing that Batman's knowledge of martial arts could best any fighter on the world. And yes: Batman knows 107 different martial arts techniques to a master level. Yet Spider-man's one fighting technique, Way of the Spider, can match any one of these numerous techniques. It is based off his Spider-sense and superior agility, meaning he adjusts to any fighting style thrown at him. He's fought hand-to-hand champs like Captain America and Iron Fist to draws or victory, and has been called "nearly untouchable" on several occasions.

You're so much more, Web-head!
You're so much more, Web-head!

Both heroes for lack of a better term are human, and can be shot and killed like any one of us. But minus the variable of guns Spider-man stands over Batman on weaknesses. He has no exploitable weakness, and is tougher skinned due to his spider abilities than Batman. He can take more of a beating and ultimately dish out a better one.

Spiderman and Batman are both great heroes, and my personal favorites. And a quick uneducated juxtaposition of the two would usually place Batman over Spider. Perhaps it is Spider Man's playful nature and smart aleck mouth that accounts for the doubt in the web head. But don't be fooled! The smile of the jester hides the heart of a warrior. Spider-man has earned all the monikers given to him throughout the years; amazing and spectacular to name a few. If anyone can put the Dark Knight in the light of defeat it is him.


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