ByRod Merc, writer at
...latable. Batman is JUST a man and Superman could take him out if he REALLY wanted to, in Justice League #2 we saw how puny Batman would be against Superman, even with help from Lantern, Batman was pretty insignificant. As far as the past goes, Batman is OWNED by Superman in canon - forget the Dark Knight (which was just total unbelievable hogwash - Superman greatly weekend by a nuke???!!! He can live in the Sun if he wanted to and there will never be a nuke half as powerful as the Sun... but yeah, Superman hating Frank Miller makes it so Superman is gravely injured by a nuke... great story telling by a hack) that was written so poorly, not to mention Superman was still holding back and Batman still had to fake his death so Superman wouldn't do it - oh, and Kryptonite is apparently the most abundant thing in the world. Batman could possibly take out Iron Man, easily take out Widow and Hawkeye, but Thor, Cap, Vision, and Hulk??? Well, since it is put in favor that Banner goes into the fight instead of Hulk, how about Nick Fury just shows up and kills Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor in his sleep?? That sounds as believable as Batman taking out the Hulk or Thor.

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