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Rob Taylor
Was on holiday in the US and staying with my relatives out there - me, my brother and cousin went out for the night to a local pool hall but as my bro was only 20, they were being dicks so we left... the car wouldn't start... So we called my dad for a jump start.. and while waiting a VERY cute girl pulled up next to us and I seriously considered striking up a conversation, but my dad showed up and we sorted the car... we pulled out of the car park at 9:49pm, I looked cos I wanted to know how much drinking time we had left... Next morning early, the mechanic comes to look at the car and in passing we mention where we broke down, he tells us he's just come from there and we need to call the police. The girl's boyfriend had pulled up next to her, they'd argued for about five minutes and he shot her in the face! Then killed himself. This happened at about 9:57pm! This is scary for many reasons, first if I'd have gone and chatted her up, bang... gone... if we'd have still been there while the boyfriend was being a dick, we'd have gotten involved (my bro was a soldier and my cousin a US Marine... no way they'd have not gotten involved) and someone would have died... had my dad not shown up exactly when he did... the kicker? Turns out the girl was a schoolmate of my other cousin who wasn't with us... On top of that, my dad was in Hungerford the day a guy went berserk with a gun, my bro and his then fiancee put off their visit to the Twin Towers a couple of days to avoid 9/11 and I avoided an oncoming truck in the rain only cos I'd been on a skidpan about a week before...

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