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“As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker - Heath Ledger
Aiko Abercromby

Hey there, Guardians! We're all on edge trying to finish The Taken King story and beat the 'King's fall' raid. We could all use some calm, alluring art in life right? Well look no further - I'm here to bring you that, with some amazing Destiny concept art! Stop giving your consoles the death stare and check these out!

Widow's Court

Don't you wish you could just walk around and smell the gunfire?


Beautiful but deadly. Name says it all.

'Destiny' Minotaur

This fire team will have him down in no time!


Damn they are cool! I Wish I was a Awoken.

The Reef

Well, purple is my favorite color - I would give everything to fly here.

Hive Moths

These would've been in the game, maybe Destiny 2 will reveal them to us.

The Divide

Ahh, now this brings back newbie feels.

Wizard and Thralls

Whoa those Thralls look bad ass! - I would kill to see the Wizard as a life size replica.

The Dreadnaught

Can't you just see yourself partying here on a Friday night?

The Citadel

It's beautiful but... aren't they a little close?

Destiny Concept Art

I'm not sure who they are.
I'm not sure who they are.

They all look amazing, I love this one the most!


Hey there, you look pretty hot.

Hive Ritual Site

I wouldn't mind going here. I would even be the sacrifice for the ritual.

The Citadel 2.0

It looks even better, you know, not blown up lol.

The Tower - Westside

I really wanna live at The Tower - damn my none virtual body!

Old Chicago

I finally want to visit Chicago.

The Dreadnaught 2.0

Looks like spiders would live everywhere in here. Still beautiful!


This is my kind of place. Cool, pretty and looks cold as ice.

Hope the concept art gave you some peace of mind. Well, it's over now so get back out their guardians! You can do it! Hope you enjoyed the article and follow my page for more! See you guys later.


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