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Since Marvel Studios announced at Comic-Con 2014, that the third film of Captain America would be based on the exciting and best-selling comic book , called "Civil War", all the fans literally lost control of themselves. It is a dream come true, to see this epic battle between two iconic heros.

So, let's number 7 things we want to see in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

1. Keep the Quality Escalating

Captain America: Civil War have to be as big as TWS
Captain America: Civil War have to be as big as TWS

The third Captain America film should be at least as big and powerful as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014) if not more. Civil War is the perfect story for a Captain America film, because there has been some friction between the Captain and Iron Man, like when the Cap said to Iron Man "Put on the suit". Civil War have to be full of action like "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".

2. Keep the Sides Neutral

Civil War comic book teams
Civil War comic book teams

Tony Stark will be heading a group of heros that support the registration act idea, while Captain America and his superhero team will be fighting for freedom, whether they have powers or not. Obviously we supposed to be Captain America's team, it's his movie, but it's still important to understand the Iron Man intentios, but not necessarily have to agree with him , if we see him as simply another antagonist , then history has no point, Tony will obviously be the jerk he is, but the history is effective if we are worn with who is right.

3. Massive Amounts of Metas

In the comics, Civil War is one of the stories with more characters in the Marvel Universe, unfortunately Marvel Studios, doesn't have acces to Fantastic Four or the X-Men, but Marvel Studios get an agreement with Sony Pictures to the appearance of Spider-Man in this thrilling story. Marvel have an infinite number of characters to introduce, we know Black Panther will appear but, we need more than that.

4. Man In the Middle

Talking about Spider-Man, it's confirmed that this character will have more than just a cameo, that means the role of this hero must be very important in the plot of this film.

In the comic book, Spider-Man was betwen this two teams, in the beginig, he support Iron Man, he even revealed his secret identity, but when things got darker, he joined to the Captain America's team, so Marvel, please, don't disappoint us.

5. Show the Consequences

This is a story were a lot of people and heros are killed by the actions of other heros. This time Captain America will be fighting a Marvel star, who's face is in lunch boxes and halloween customs.

6. Watch the Clock

Hope Marvel took the time to think about this film and make it completely awesome. Civil War comic book was developed with seven volumes, so, seven volumes in two hours, that means every second counts.

7. Epic Conclusion

The end should not be only visual effects, we should see a culmination of several films full of tension and conflict, but it's not only the battle, we have to see how each explosion, each individual injury and every tear shed, they were caused by what the heroes have cautioned, the reality is that nobody wins , and we feel the weight. In the comics these events are eventually lead Captain America to death, but as Marvel manage this, it should affect us mentally in a serious way .


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