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The book Can't Wait to be Queen has got a new cover that shows Kiara's design in The Lion Guard! This is huge news!

And she looks perfect! They took her original design and imagined it flawlessly to The Lion Guard's style.

Here's what she looked like in Lion King 2:

(Source: Lion King Wikia)
(Source: Lion King Wikia)

The only thing of concern is that she's a cub on the cover, meaning a big part of Simba's Pride's story is changed. Unless now Kion is meant to exist in Lion King 2.

Maybe during Kiara's cubhood in the film, he's not born yet. Before Kiara's first hunt maybe he's patrolling with The Lion Guard. When Kovu's let into the Pride under reserved judgement, it would make sense Simba would want Kovu away from his son. Then during Kiara's hunting lesson, it wouldn't make sense for him to tag along. Following that, under the stars, he might already be asleep at that time. During Kovu's exile and the final battle, Simba might want him to stay in the den for safety reasons.

You'd have to extend your belief and imagination, but The Lion King's continuity already is a fickle thing itself.

I'm just exited to see how Kiara looks, and I'll be happily waiting for more of her.


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