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Originally from my blog Simba's Pride News

There's a page on Amazon for a Lion Guard book coming out May 3rd 2016

Here's the summary:

"When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he gets lost in the Outlands! Kion has to be careful while he's in hyena territory because all hyenas are dangerous . . . or are they? Kion makes a new friend and learns an important lesson in this exciting Level Pre-1 reader!"

Perhaps this new friend is Zuri who was confirmed to be voiced by Madison Pettis, who is described by her as a diva and fashionista.

Maybe the book will show parallels to Simba's Pride, as his older sister, Kiara also befriended an enemy (Kovu). Their friendship formed into love and their love helped bring peace between their feuding Prides.

We are one is an important lesson and this book has potential to reinforce it.

In case you forgot, here's some refreshers on We are one:

(Near the end on this one)

May 3rd is a long wait, but it will surely be worth it.


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