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As I am writing this, the Doctor Who series 9 first episode either has, or will soon premier tonight. And for those who don't know yet (or didn't read the title), Jenna Coleman will be leaving the show.

Coleman (who first appeared in the Series 7 episode "Asylum of the Daleks") plays "The Impossible Girl", and current companion, Clara Oswald. And Clara's time in the show is... not as typical as other companions.

As I already said, Jenna Coleman's first episode in Doctor Who was in "Asylum of the Daleks" as Oswin Oswald.

In the episode, The Eleventh Doctor and then companions, Rory and Amy, were sent to a planet of crazy Daleks. There they met (without actually seeing) Oswin, who helped and guided them throughout the episode. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Oswin was was captured and turned into a Dalek before the events of the episode even began. The last thing we see Oswin do is erase all knowledge of the Doctor from the Daleks (which accomplished almost nothing because the Daleks fix that problem in their next episode. But back on topic).

Coleman later appeared in the 2012 Christmas special, "The Snowmen" set in Victorian era London as a Governess named Clara.

While very similar, this Clara knows nothing about the Doctor or Oswin. Though Clara does help the Doctor out of his depression after the events of "The Angels Take Manhattan" ( with no connection to when the Muppets, and Jason took Manhattan). And then Clara died.

But then the Doctor found another version of Clara (for more information on how this all happened, watch Series 7 of Doctor Who).

So yeah, Clara is the current and only companion right. But yes, she will be leaving (or die) by the end of the season. And I know there are some fans who don't like Clara, but I don't think she's that bad. I wasn't too thrilled about the whole Impossible Girl thing from Series 7 (She seemed too perfect), but I liked her more in Series 8 where she had more of a personality and problems. And I also liked her interactions and relationship with the 12th Doctor. It reminded me of the 6th Doctor and Peri.

So yeah, since Clara will be gone, that means there will be a new companion. So here's what I would like to see for a companion.

1. A companion that isn't from modern day.

I think it would be cool to see a new companion from either the past or the future. Of course we've had some before, but not in awhile. The Doctor can go through all of space and time, how is it that he keeps grabbing people from (our) modern time?

2. An older (or younger) companion.

While companion status is still a bit unclear, we've had Wilf in Series 4, so we know it can work and people would be more accepting towards this. And for the fans of the Big Finish audio dramas, there's Evelyn Smythe, the 50 something history professor. And while I admit that I have only listened to a few of the audios, I really like Evelyn. And I think a younger companion could be good too.

3. A male companion.

I'd like a see another male companion. Now I say that because the companion tends to be a woman, which is fine. And there's Rory, but let's face it, Rory only really works with Amy. Let's have a male and female companion who aren't in a relationship.

But that's just some of the things I would like to see. But what are your thoughts on Jenna Coleman leaving and what kind of companion do you want to see next?


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