ByLA DeShane, writer at
LA DeShane Ahmed...the reason being is that we don't jail, humiliate or kill idiots for being racist idiots, but we do smart young black Muslim men when they are stereotyped. Was Amell intentionally being Was he trying to make a point that stereotyping is bad ...sure. Is stereotyping bad...sure. Was it meant to be anything other than a good gesture...ok (ignorant though) but it missed the point and is actually wrong. He also, unwittingly, devalued what minorities go through in this country...his tweet was ignorant. It's kind of like when I heard a Muslim say that they feel about ISIS the way most American's feel about the WBC...not an equal throws gays from buildings while they make people cheer and commits horrific murders on a daily basis...the other hold signs up and have become a long running joke and photobombing opportunity. See...both are bad but one is much much much worse. As for your concern that this will hurt one of the nicest guys around. That is will affect his show and how awful that would be...get over it. I really don't think it's going to do any real damage since we haven't seen it anywhere in the real media. His team reps probably had him delete his account so they could nip it in the bud and let it go away. PLUS...Do you know him? How do yo know he's such a saint like you seem to think he is?I mean I don't think he's a bad guy even though I disagree with him on this. I'll still watch the show. I think a great teachable moment was lost by him not engaging in listening and tucking his tail between his legs and running and by people who over react and go for the jugular instead. But let's not get all weepy over a celebrity who made a stupid comment and got it thrown back in his face...He'll survive...He may be a great guy and if he is he will learn from this minor hiccup ...then again we thought Bill Cosby was a great guy too.

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