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Oh [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936), you are a great game but your DLC is a waste of time and money. Yes, the skins are great and the cars are ok at best but we want some damn story DLC. Batgirl could have been better and Harley along with Red Hood was very bland. A game like AK that was so hyped and praised needs DLC to extend its replayability. So here's my pick for DLC that is needed and wanted:

1. Beyond Arkham

The short-lived Kids WB series Batman Beyond, has been represented in several Arkham titles as skin DLC and its ok but it is time for us to leap into the Future. Beyond Arkham would take place twenty years after the events of Arkham Knight where Terry McGinnis discovers the Batcave in the Rumble of Wayne Manor with a very much alive Bruce Wayne inside. Will Friedle could reprise his role as Terry with characters like Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, and others making a cameo appearance. HUSH could be the main villain.

2. Damien Wayne: Son of Batman

Yes Yes....Talia died in Arkham City but hello, She is the daugther of Ra's Al Guhl meaning She might be very much alive and kicking. The story could revolve around Talia hearing Bruce's fake death and finally activating her prized possession: Damien Wayne.

3. Batwoman

Although She wasn't seen, Kate Kane made a vocal cameo on Bruce Wayne's answering machine. Why not bring her in the field? Kate may have Batman's style of brawling mixed with a agility of Catwoman. Kate would have her own set of weapons and gadgets to protect gotham after Bruce's death as well as investigate WHO IS THE NEW BATMAN?

4. Azrael: Crimson Snow/KnightMare

The Azrael challenges were very...lackluster in both Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Mike is playable but he is carbon copy of Batman. So, why not show his journey to seek revenge on the order of St Dumas. With unique gadgets and swordplay and a little magic, it could be a great DLC.

5. BatGirl(Black Bat) /Spoiler: Girls Night Out

If BatGirl: A Matter of Family is the prequel, A Batgirl and Spoiler could be the Midquel or aftermath of Arkham. Cassie and Stephanie fight through the streets of gotham on the night of Arkham City's fall. Using the Dual play system would definately come into play with this.

6. Night of the Owls/Court of Owls

ONE OF THE BATMAN BEST STORIES in recent history: Night of the Owls would take place six months after Arkham Knight. Bruce Wayne's demise and the fall of Batman are recipes to bring the rise of the Owls. The Story would involve the entire batman family including Damien, AND THE NEW MYSTERIOUS BATMAN.


Which Character would make a great DLC?


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