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Well I'm back from my hiatus to bring you guys more reviews and what did I decide to review, the sequel to an actual kinda original, kinda good horror film from 2012 called "Sinister". And I went in thinking it'd be good, I mean it didn't take the Paranormal Activity route where a new sequel is made faster then the "Five Night's at Freddy's Franchise" but I was wrong.

Brief Spoiler Free Summary

Some guy is trying to stop a demon from killing a family and there's an abusive father subplot. That's it...oh and there's some really spooky tapes. Sorry for making this so blunt but I mean come on, that's literally the plot nothing special at all.

The Characters

The Deputy (yes that's his name and no his name is never revealed) is played by James Ransone ("The Next Three Days", "Inside Man" and "Cymbeline") and is in all honesty the only character that is actually a decent character. He's smart, likable and even can be kinda funny at times. Hell he's the only returning character from the first film...oh wait no there's the spooky demon as well.

Bughuul is the name of the demon and he's played by Nicholas King ("Sinister" and "Max Keeble's Big Movie") He's the film's main antagonist...even though he's not seen that often. Hell if you add up the time he's in the movie you'd probably get around fifty seconds or less. Is he scary? Nope, the guy looks like Tommy Wiseau with the 2010 Freddy Krueger face.

Then finally we have the family, I'm just going to talk about them all briefly since there's not much to talk about. We got Courtney played by Shannyn Sossamon ("Catacombs", "The Holiday", and "A Knight's Tale") who isn't really that bad and is really the only other decent character. Zach and Dylan played by Robert Daniel Sloan and Dartanian Sloan who honestly aren't very good at all. Hell there's one scene...wait spoilers.

There's a scene where Zach says "Fuck you!" to his mom and his brother and then calls his mother a "cunt". And it's the funniest thing ever, they try so hard to make this scene edgy and spooky but it fails flat on its ass.

Finally we have the abusive father named Clint played by Lea Coco and is just the most unlikable human being ever put into a movie. There's this sce- ugh spoilers again.

There's this scene where the father and his family are eating at the dinner table and Dylan won't eat. Suddenly out of nowhere the father screams "EAT!" and shoves mashed potatoes into Dylan's mouth. It's so freaking stupid and like before they try to make this so damn dark and edgy but fails so miserably.

The Scares

Unlike in the original where there's actual decent and original scares this film is just jump scare city, hell most of them aren't even good jump scares. Also remember those tapes from the original? Yeah the ones that were actually kinda disturbing and made you feel uncomfortable watching them. Well they're back and they suck (besides the Christmas Day one, that one is actually kinda disturbing). Everything else is really not that scary and make you go "huh...well that's kinda spooky."

The Cons

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EVERYTHING. Literally almost everything sucks in this movie. Lines that are meant to be shocking or edgy just come out sounding funny and dumb, characters are either decent or extremely unlikable, terrible jump scares, ruined the tape scare from the original, subplot is better then the main plot and finally, most of the acting sucks ass.

The Verdict

DON'T SEE SINISTER 2! It's a pile of garbage and ruins the original. Go watch the original it's actually not that bad. This however is one of the worst horror films I've ever seen. Save your money and go watch something good like "Ant-Man" or "Mad Max: Fury Road".

So anyways guys I'm back from my hiatus and my next review will be of the summer's "best" comedy, "Pixels". Before I do that though I'll be doing a blog explaining why I enjoy the Transformers films. Finally for October I'm going to be doing something different. I'll be reviewing older horror films instead of recent ones (although I may be able to do Paranormal Activity 5 as a followup to my first non review blog). Thanks for reading hope to see you guys soon.


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