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There has been quite a bit of talk about who the next Bond will be once Daniel Craig's gig is up. There has been Idris Elba and Damian Lewis as the main contenders, as well as Tom Hardy. By the title you know that I'm pulling for good ole Tom. The reason is embedded in the origin of James Bond.

I think we all know that James Bond came from the brilliant mind of Ian Fleming, who worked with British Naval Intelligence during the Second World War. From his mind came plans for how the British were going to win the war against the Huns. When the war was over, he went about to try to write the spy novel to end all spy novels.

Well, I think he did just that.

The reasoning for my voting of Tom Hardy for Bond is simple: he fits the bill. Fits it to a T, in fact. James Bond was a rugged dude. He was a brutal fighter, cold, and did the job with a good amount of violence. He also used dry-humor nearly every chance he got.

Damian Lewis may have the looks for a British super-spy, but I don't think he has the coldness Bond would have. Craig displayed it brilliantly, especially in Casino Royale, to the level of Sean Connery. For me, all the Bond's since the Scottish god's departure from the franchise lacked, other than Daniel Craig. It's hard to say, because my generation saw Pierce Brosnan as BOND. No other Bond but Brosnan. However, reading the books Ian Fleming wrote, I see that Connery, Craig, and Hardy would share that same level of brutality the Bond of the literature world possessed.

We've seen Hardy do brutal in movies like Lawless, Dark Knight Rises, Warrior. We've also seen him do romance, or some view of it, in This Means War (beside Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon). He looks good in a suit, but he also doesn't look so good to attract attention. Lewis and Elba both have the good looks that draw attention. If they walked into a room you'd notice them, whereas Hardy...not so much.

I think with many of our action movies, we begin to see them as action heroes, and only that. No depth, no nothing. With James Bond, before he was an action hero he was a literature character. Bond had depth, he had dynamics, he had inward struggles that only a few actors could pull off (ahem...Craig and Hardy). Staying true to the original form of Bond is the best way to keep the franchise alive and thriving. Let's keep it from going into a dip like it had in the past.

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