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We all saw it coming! Of coarse the game that has so many people talking and debating about is getting a film! It is also a shock that a game like this could be turned into a movie. I mean, a night guard stuck in one room watching creepy animatronics that are trying to kill him for five nights straight? How could anyone elaborate on that for a plot? Well let's dig a bit deeper to find out!

Possible Plot Points

So the lure and the true plot behind this game has always been vague and unclear. The developer Scott has done this on purpose. Even if no one thinks the game is scary a lot of people still want to have some closure as to the real and complete story. That's why the franchise has become so popular. But it leaves the question as to what the movie will include and will add to make sense to the story. Well, based off all 4 games I have made a theory about the complete story. Here it is;

The franchise started as a diner with only one animatronic, Freddy. During a birthday party that was being hosted at Fredbear's Diner, a crying child was outside looking into the diner. We see in the mini game that a purple man rolls up and kills the boy. This boy becomes the puppet character we see in FNAF 2. Now another child saw this happen and became fearful of the establishment but, we still went. Why? Because his father worked there and had to bring him along everyday due to no babysitter, no mother, and mean older brother. This is the boy we play as in Five Nights At Freddy's 3.

Due to the terrible tragedy that occurred on the diner's property, the diner was closed down. The children-loving character Fredbear continued his cheerful performances to the first pizzeria created in the timeline. This is where FNAF 4 takes place. The game takes place in 1983. We see our character, the crying boy, trying to escape the pizzeria on several occasions but ends up failing each attempt. After we beat the fifth night we play another mini game. At the end of this mini game the boy's brother throws him into the mouth of Fredbear causing him to bite his head. This was the bite of '87.

But wait, it '83 not '87, so how can that be the bite? Well because we were lied to. Why did the phone guy lie? Because the phone guy is the little boy's older brother. He lied to keep any unwanted attention away from him. No one could assume he was there if this happened years later! Further evidence is the phone guy admits to liking Foxy the best. In all the mini games the brother is wearing the Foxy head to scare his brother. What caused him to be head of security? The answer is simple, the Purple Guy.

The Purple Guy is the little boy's dad. That's why he was always dragged there unwillingly. But right after the bite the purple guy got into a spare Fredbear suit, lured 5 children away and murdered them. He then stuffed the bodies into the animatronics so that no one would find out. The pizzeria was still closed due to the children going missing and the characters smelling like corpses. However, when they moved to the new location, the brought the old characters with them. To prevent further killings the toy animatronics were built with a criminal data-base to locate possible criminals inside the establishment. Mangle was already built before this. The Purple Guy was building him in '83 during the bite incident. The reason why he is so dangerous is because he tuned in to the police radio during the panic of the injured child and only got "bite" and "frontal lobe" out of it. He was able to do this because of the criminal database being programmed into the new characters.

This place closed down because the Purple Guy tampered with the new toy versions so that they wouldn't recognize him but they failed to function properly. While the toys were malfunctioning, the Purple Guy once again wore a Fredbear suit and killed 5 kids. This location closed too but surprisingly opened a third pizzeria where the new, corpse-stuffed Freddy and his friends were moved to. This is where FNAF 1 takes place. This place closed due to no business and dark past. The phone guy dies here by the characters possibly because he was linked to the Purple Guy.

A group of people open up a horror edition of Fredbears Pizza with one of the old locations. They find an old bunny animatronic called Springtrap. This is where the Purple Guy ended up. After he caught on that the characters were driven by the kids' spirits, he attempted to break them down so that they couldn't move. They spirits of the children returned still and cornered him a back room where a springtrap suit was. He got in it to try to hide but the metal gears from the animatronic parts crushed him and killed him. He suffered the same fate as his victims. The place was then later burned down.

This is the basic outline to my theory. It goes deeper but for the sake of the movie's plot this is enough.

The Movie's Plot

Most of the Gang
Most of the Gang

Now as for the plot that we will have for the actual movie, The director, Gil Kenan, has tweeted on several occasions on the matter:

So it seems that Gil will give us a new story while keeping it true to what the fans want! Just like Scott, he is keeping details pretty vague. All we know for the plot is that it will be a new story with the same FNAF feel. Can't wait to see what he comes up with!

The Characters

Keep the music playing
Keep the music playing

Now little is known about the characters Gil will be adding but it's safe to assume the original five will be in there. Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and Fredbear (Golden Freddy). Since there are many other characters in the game we could easily see more of these terrifying, possessed suits. The Puppet would likely be one they would add in, in my opinion. He is a central part of the plot anyway. Gil has teased about these characters in some of his tweets:

By the sounds of it we are going to get real looking animatronics to make it that much more frightening. The yellow pair of eyes in the background lead us to believe it is Chica's. No surprise on that one.

Kenan has also announced that Scott Cawthon (creator of the game) will be involved in the process as well. This is a smart move now we will get the FNAF movie we deserve and it won't be screwed up (hopefully). I have faith in these two making a killer movie.

There are many more teases on Gill Kenan's twitter page for everyone to enjoy! Check it out for great info such as, possible many locations, Scott himself voicing the Phone Guy, and much more news on the horrifying franchise!


What do you think? Will it flop or do the games justice?


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