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It was when the movie premiered here in Sweden that I went to see it. It was 6.15 p.m on a Thursday and little did I know that this movie was going to change so much for me. Back to me, myself and I later and let's head for the actual movie.

This one separates widely from the first one, mostly because the change of scenery. In the first one you're in the Glade or running through the Maze, both perfectly made though. But in The Scorch Trials you get to see so much more, for example the mall and the whole desert itself and if you'd happen to be uninterested in the movie, you could always check out the surroundings.

The intensity is quite some difference. There wasn't a second that didn't go by where you'd not fear a crank or griever showing up, someone getting shot or someone suddenly pulling up the hem of their shirt to show a wound from a crank. You were as sat on nails throughout the whole thing and isn't that how these movies are supposed to be?

Something that maybe were disappointing to a few but rather much the opposite for me was the fact that there weren't much triangle dramas or love problems. Sure Brenda came to stir some things up but nothing in this movie circulated about love only and that's pretty rare for young adult books becoming movies these days.

As I left that movie at almost nine o'clock that particular Thursday a lot had changed for me, one of those thing being that fact that I felt the sudden need to read the book. (Yes, I went to the premiere without having read the book). Another thing was that taking care of this planet is so much more important than what todays teenagers know about and hopefully this movie will help other's realize that too.

People, go watch this movie for something out of the ordinary.


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