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The Savage Hawkman Volume 1 (Issues 1-8) - Darkness Rising

WRITERS: Tony S. Daniel and James Bonny. ARTIST: Philip Tan and Cliff Richards.

Carter Hall is back as the savage Hawkman! Carter's skill at deciphering lost languages has led him to a job with an archaeologist who specializes in alien ruins. But one of his latest discoveries is Morphicus, whose deadly power helps to spread an alien plague through New York City. With innocent lives in the balance, Carter Hall must use the power of the Nth metal bonded to his body to don his wings and become Hawkman!


I don’t have much exposure to Hawkman, or even Hawkgirl for that matter, and what I have seen has come from the Justice League animated series and the four episodes that Hawkman appeared in Smallville.

I originally read issue 1 in The New 52 Collection and it got my interest peaked enough to buy the first volume.

While I have read a lot of negative reviews online about this series, I quite liked the story.

I really liked the fact that, after trying to get rid of it, the Nth metal is now bonded to Carter. You don’t see a lot of the transformation but there are some panels that show a little bit of the early change and then on the next panel, he’s fully costumed.

This story is purely Carter Hall, no Hawkgirl and no Justice League but there is a slight appearance by Static Shock.

The comic is full of some awesome colour work and art, even some pieces I would have on a poster on my wall.

The only thing I didn’t like about this comic was that it feels like there is something before it, the story starts will Hall clearly having been Hawkman for some time, even mentioning people he has lost.

A good story with awesome art that’s worth a read if you are a fan.


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