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The movie world and Disney fans in general are buzzing with the news that a Mary Poppins sequel is to be made next year and there are stories now that none other than Emily Blunt has been offered the role.

Blunt's star has risen in recent years, beginning with her Golden Globe nominated turn in The Devil Wears Prada, through her most recent successful reinvention as an action star in Edge Of Tomorrow.

Fans seem happy with the choice Disney are making, but are they going to be quite so happy when the reality sets in? That taking the role of everyone's favorite nanny would rule her out of another role people REALLY want to see her take... Captain Marvel!

This is one of the more "ugly" sides of the Disney takeover of Marvel and their more recent moving of Marvel Studios in-house.

Disney will know that Emily is very much the preferred candidate for the role of Carol Danvers, yet by making an offer to her for Poppins it is in effect taking her out of the running for that movie, as this is going to be a long shooting and promotion schedule with the undoubted sequels attached.

Career-wise it's not a bad situation for Emily as an actress to be in, but it also creates a dilemma for her. Remember Blunt was the first choice for Black Widow all the way back in 2009 for Iron Man 2 but had to pass due to the flop Gulliver's Travels being a done deal already. It's rare a studio come back to someone who has already had to knock them back, doing so a second time would arguably take her out permanently, but when the role you're being courted for is one of the most iconic in movie history, it's a very tough decision to make.

One thing in Marvel's favor may be a leftfield family connection. Emily's brother-in-law is a Marvel alumnus!

Stanley Tucci who played Dr. Erskine in The First Avenger married Emily's sister after they worked together on Prada.

While his role in the MCU was small, it was also pivotal. He's been complimentary about both it and Marvel since (unlike Hugo Weaving who was very negative about his experience in the film) so that, coupled with Emily's own experience with Marvel for the role of Widow the last time may swing it their way.

Of course with Marvel now being under the Disney banner officially in terms of movie decision making, it could be that they are told that Poppins is a priority now and that they are to back off. While that would absolutely stink, it wouldn't be the first time a studio power-play has taken the preferred actor out of a role they seemed born to take.

Marvel may now decide to cut their losses on Blunt unless she can make an immediate and binding decision to join them - the role of Carol Danvers is one that can be inserted into a Civil War post-credit stinger with relative ease or into Doctor Strange for example. If Marvel want her, they have to get the deal done... likewise for Disney.

It's an enviable position for sure, but each role has it's potential pitfalls for Blunt. Mary Poppins is such an iconic and loved character, and Julie Andrew's portrayal so ingrained in the culture of the world that it could be a poisoned chalice to take that on, much as someone taking Harrison Ford's fedora as Indiana Jones or as every actor who has played Superman after Christopher Reeve has found, poisonous enough that "A Spoonful Of Sugar" won't save her career if the film flops.

There aren't any guarantees over at Marvel either however, where they have a track record of sidelining their female stars, indeed if they don't want to put Scarlett Johannsen, arguably a much bigger star than Blunt front and centre on DVD covers and toy-lines then it's up for debate how far they will push Captain Marvel as their star attraction. If the movie flops, then so do female superheroes and that's a massive burden to carry.

There are definite alternatives that Marvel can use, while it's hard to see anyone else playing Mary Poppins now it's been suggested. Emma Stone would be an equally good "get" for Marvel, she has experience of the genre and the proven box office mettle to carry the load of being their top female character. Those clamoring for Ronda Rousey are misguided, she is perfect for She-Hulk but not for the Captain.

Either way it's gonna be interesting to see how this internal tug of war plays out!


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