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Nathaniel Rego

Since the last movie in the Terminator film saga, James Cameron has announced that he's prone to develop and make the sole prequel in the franchise, Terminator: Origins (working title), which is set sometime before the events of Terminator, with Terminator 5: Genesis the final chronological chapter in the Terminator film franchise. The upcoming Terminator prequel will raid theaters soon.

Theres an upcoming Minority Report television series on Fox based on the Tom Cruise film of the same name where three cops from the far future are on the lam from futuristic police for a murder they did not commit. In the year 2015, they must clear their own names and restore their reputations. Minority Report flies into theaters next week on Fox.

Tomorrowland was a recent box office hit from 4 months ago. It's based on the themed land at Magic Kingdom per Disney park worldwide of the same name. Because the film was a smash hit at the box office, Disney confirmed a month ago that as it is coming soon to Blu Ray, it's sequel shall be outstanding and inspiring mostly as the first film. Disney had also confirmed that the sequel is in early development. Starring Britt Robertson from the former CBS series Under the Dome and George Clooney, Tomorrow Land 2 (working title) shall glide into and inspire its future audience when in theaters soon.


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