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Fantastic movie review and factual true similarities on its back story. I'll add that MKULTRA AND COINTELPRO type Programs are being used against innocent United State citizens presently today , they are just more covert and ultra -tech scary. These historical exposed programs have only evolved into a continuing illegal COINTELPRO 2.0 on steroids! Living in a post 911 over reaching patriot act era, NSA Snooping along with third party black budget security companies are used as proxies that empower a well funded illegal program through private security companies, citizen informants, gang stalking, non lethal torture weapons ( Direct Energy Weapons), stasi like psychological warfare tactics and 24/7 constant surveillance (just to name a few State sponsored activities) against unknowing and knowing TARGETED INDIVIDUALS . More alarming are the recent and ongoing surge of victms terrorizing experiences coming to the public light through media reports and leaks. My only question is a movie like American Ultra aim to desenitize young viewers through a comical farce to lesson the seriousness of actual programs so horrific and unconstitutional? Specifically programs that target ordinary citizens continue to grow in secret, until exposed. It's a fact known that Hollywood is and has been a pawn for Goverment propaganda. How ironic that the lead in this movie is played by Eisenberg who also protrayed Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, whom is now the Target in this film.

Government agencies can and will continue to create front victim groups, promote Hollywood story lines to disassociate crimes with comic farce with themes to paint serious and horrific mind control programs with comedic action. State funded agent provocateurs are deploying the social mind experiments online via FACEBOOK and injecting slang terms into the internet under the banter of "GANG STALKING", to somehow associate street gang epidemc at first glance. The fact is that the many well documented cases of these type of Targets today are part of many strategic mind control targets or experimenting with dissent control. The toolbox is full of new and improving technologies, big pharma, snooping drones , mobile geo location that can track by ultra predictive data collection , bio tech testing, direct energy weapons and home town citizen watchers that easily isolate its victims with the ultimate touchless control. Why ? Because they can and it is the perfect plausable deniabiliy when its victims speak out. We are all assets, all with a price tag on our minds, actions and/or threat to the status quo.

Yess, a few of these innocent Americans TI's can be deemed actual crazies, schizophrenic or parnoid people, however many have become this way from the tactics targeted against them with the aim to isolate, while uttilising hitech surveilence by the goons the State hides behind. ( i.e, recent FBI leaks abount Black Americans being targeted and many others whom do not pose any national security threat*). Our congress are wimps at best and these law makers are funded by the very same Corporate Intel and Multi nationals that understand we are living in a BRAVE NEW WORLD of where the value powershift is happening- our very own minds. They are fast becoming the new Machurian machines of power that want cintrol over all of our private lives and this beast will become our true threat ! Here are some very good resources to learn more- sober up at these well established resources - and the award winning news organization * The Intercept @


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