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Destiny's new DLC expansion The Taken King was released 9/15/2015, and many people were surprised with how well it turned out!

#1: Cinematics

The Taken King's Cinematic moments don't only look amazing, they are amazing! The way that the cinematic moments are portrayed really make you want to pay attention to the story line.

#2: Subclass

Almost all of us got to see the three new subclass'es, and yes we were all excited to use them. Once The Taken King came out we all wanted to the new subclass'es and once we got to use them we got even more happy with the game because they added a new way to fight and it made you think differently on how you want to attack the enemy.

#3: Story-line

The Taken King's story-line surprised so many people because of how much there is to do in the story. There are many missions and very detailed voice dialogue that adds for a fun perspective of different characters.

#4: RNG

RNG is the rate/chance their is of a engram dropping or it turning into something good. RNG has been improved. Many people have noticed that legendary engrams and decoherent engrams drop more often and that they are turning into good items.

#5: The Drednaught

The Dreadnaught is a new area where you can do levels and patrol. The Drednaught is not just a place to patrol and do levels, there is a new area in it called "The court of Oryx". This area is a arena where you can summon enemy champions and bosses with runes, and once you have done this you can jump in there with your friends or solo it depending on who you are, and fight them. Once you have beaten them you have a chance to get good loot. I have fought in the Court of Oryx over twenty-five times and I am still not bored of it.


What was your favorite Reason?


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