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I often experience gamer rage, but this is because I suck.

I'm so bad at games that I tend to watch playthroughs on YouTube instead. Sometimes, I don't enjoy playing games because I just get too annoyed when I can't get past a level - but I desperately want to know what happens next, so I just watch someone else play them so I can find out what happens to the characters and how it ends. I get too cranky and impatient with games, and after 1000 times of trying to kill the same douche, I'm done.

I might suck, but at least I don't get this angry..
I might suck, but at least I don't get this angry..

Let me explain how terrible I am - I couldn't even get past one of the first levels of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 on Xbox 360. I know, I should be ashamed of myself.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - Trailer

I found it difficult to get the hang of the controls when I first started playing - but this might be because I'm used to playing the PS3 (or I'm just saying that to make myself feel better) but I gave up with this game very early on - THOSE DAMN PIXIES! I couldn't get to the stuff I needed to get rid of the pixies in time! They wouldn't leave me alone! It was odd because I managed to get rid of them easily the first time, but when I went into another room at no. 12 Grimmauld Place, I couldn't get rid of them all before they killed me! It was so annoying! I hate when I can't get past a level, and it really takes the fun out of gaming for me. I become very bored and agitated. I don't mind a challenge, but when you've been trying for hours to do something that's simple - that's when I get angry!

"Stay awesome bros - BROFIST!"
"Stay awesome bros - BROFIST!"

If you're a terrible gamer like me, then I'd recommend watching a YouTube gamer such as Pewdiepie or Jacksepticeye. Some YouTube gamers make you feel better about your gaming abilities, because they suck too! Pewdiepie always seems to make the wrong decisions in choice games, and you find yourself hitting your forehead with the palm of your hand a lot (love you really Pewds!) and I couldn't stop laughing when he accidentally came out of the locker he was hiding in in Outlast! (I think my laughter was partly nervous laughter - that game is terrifying!)

Dan and Phil Funny Gaming Montage

I'd say other gamers' failures bring on gamer rage, because it's frustrating to watch someone struggle on a level or task when the answer has come so easily to you, and you can't type to answer in the comments section fast enough - but being pissed with other gamers would make me a hypocrite. If I had a YouTube gaming channel, people wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry - I am the worst gamer in the world.

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