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There's been this theory circulating that Jared Leto's Joker is actually Jason Todd and not the original Joker that most people know and love.

Jason Todd as the Joker? It doesn't make sense to me. But, what does make sense - based on a few potential Easter eggs - is that Jason Todd, a.k.a Red Hood, is already in the DCEU, and (possibly) already in the film, maybe as a minor character.

Is Red Hood in the DCEU?

Back in July, Warner Bros. Pictures released the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while watching it, I noticed two things. The exact two things that people are using for the Jason Todd/Joker theory.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

In this scene, Bruce Wayne is seen reading a newspaper with the words:

You let your family die.

I've heard people saying this could, in fact, be the Joker trying to antagonize Bruce. But, how does the Joker know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? I've also heard people saying it's Jason as the Joker, which, could make sense for him knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman but, like I said, Jason Todd as the Joker doesn't make sense to me.

That is why I think Red Hood is behind that. It makes sense for a few reasons. First, this Batman is aged, he's not a younger, less experienced Batman, so Red Hood could be in the DCEU. Secondly, "You let your family die." is something that sounds exactly like what Jason would say to Bruce. In 2010's Batman: Under the Red Hood, Jason believes it's Bruce's fault for what happened to him. During a scene in Ace Chemicals, Batman reminisces the day Red Hood became the Joker, which Jason says to him:

Hard to forget that night, huh? In a way, Batman, this was the site of your first great failure. Maybe your greatest, but certainly not your last, right? Ah, memories.

And, there's also this:

This one is the one that has A LOT of fans thinking Jason Todd is the Joker. Because of the bullet holes? That seems to be their only reason. I think this is another one of Jason's messages to Bruce, letting him know it's all his fault for what happened. This movie, and Suicide Squad both seem to contain a lot of flashback scenes. I believe there will be a flashback scene of Jason's death, and most likely it'll happen when Bruce is daydreaming all over Robin's suit, like in the photo above.

Now don't forget, this is just my theory, my opinion. I'm just trying to have a bit of fun while waiting for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to come out! But, I do believe we're more likely to see Jason Todd as Red Hood than we are to see Jason Todd as the Joker.

What do you think? Is Jason Todd the Joker? Or do you think he's Red Hood? Or, do you think Jason Todd isn't even in the DCEU yet?

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters March 25, 2016


Who do you think Jason Todd is/will be?


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