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Some passionate writers have ideas for writing books, but it's not easy to do. There is a lot of planning to do before you actually start writing your book. You have to develop characters as well and as you write their story they will develop even more.

Writing a novel or a book series involve steps that are needed first and other steps that are needed later on when actually writing the novel or book series.

Before you start to write you series or novel you should get ideas and figure out what you want to happen in your novel. For instance, you know you want a dragon to appear in your novel somewhere, but you aren't sure where. This is where planning it out helps a lot. You can see where you want to put the event(s) and you can change it later when you edit it. If you don't have characters developed yet, you can add those into your planning a little later.

Another thing you should do before you actually start to write is figure out characters; how you want them to act, what they look like, if they have any relation to another character, if they are interested romantically to another character, etc. It's enjoyable when you develop characters to your liking and their personality comes out naturally when you start to write.

Once these few steps are finished there is still one last step before you should start your first draft of your novel or book series. I've read many "How to Write a Novel" books and each of them have told me different, but if you read one that you think is good suit for you, you can take that step instead of this one. The next step before you start writing your novel would be plan it out.

With planning out your novel there are a few different ways you can do so. One is to make flashcards and write the ideas on one side and the chapter of the novel on the other. Another is to make a story board and plan it out that way. You don't have to draw the events, but you can write them down. And a third way you can plan is to write your chapters down in a notebook and write what you want to happen in each chapter (these can change as you start to write, but at least you have an idea of where you want the events to happen). I personally have taken the notebook way, but it's up to you on what way you choose to plan your novel or book series out.

FINALLY, you can start the writing process of the novel. The part you have been wanting to start for weeks now has finally come! J.K. Rowling actually knew how she wanted the end of Harry Potter to go, so she wrote that first instead of starting at the beginning of the famous series.

How ever you want to start your writing just remember it doesn't have to be perfect because it's only the first draft. Once you finish that draft is when you begin to be nit-picky and fix what you don't like and keep what you do like. You always want to try to get through the first draft quickly because you know you'll be fixing it later on (unlike me...I have to plan everything in my first draft).

After everything is done and you like what you have written and don't think you should change anything, send it to an editor to be edited and then proceed to look for an agent. Once you find an agent they will find a publisher for you. TIP! Look for an agent that specializes in what you write. If you have a favorite book series that is the topic of what you enjoy writing, look in the authors notes at the end of book and see who their agent is. They usually thank their agent in there somewhere.

Now all you writers out there, go have some fun writing you novels or book series and good luck with you writing careers!


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