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Season 5B:

Everything has led to this – the climactic battle between Scott's pack and Theo's pack that will set the stage for a thrilling Season 6. Other things are also happening in Beacon Hills that will signal a shift in the storyline of "Teen Wolf" Season 5B.

A whole lot of things happened in the mid-season finale of "Teen Wolf" Season 5. There was bad news for Malia as Braeden tells her about the Desert Wolf, Liam was heart-broken at losing Hayden. Parrish was revealed to be a hellhound and Theo was unveiled as the creation of the Dread Doctors. Theo brings the chimeras back to life at Nemeton and form a pack to oppose Scott.


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Teen Wolf

But it is Scott's journey that is the most interesting. After being dead for 15 minutes, Scott comes back as a changed person.

Creator Jeff Davis spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Scott's character arc making a significant change. He said, "It's the classic hero's journey — the midseason finale is the death and resurrection. Now that he's basically resurrected, he's going to carry a loss of innocence with him, and he's got to do what his mother says, which is to give them hope. You got to get them back. And so the first part of season 5B will be him trying to draw back his friends into a pack once again in order to both get Lydia out of Eichen House and also stop what's going to potentially kill all the people they love."

Scott will try to form a pack in which they will all trust each other but it will be difficult work. First, he will have to build back his friendship with Stiles. Season 5B will focus on this rebuilding of relationships and friendships. Scott will learn from his failures and try to give his pack hope. Scott and Kira might come back together and Stiles will patch up with Malia.

Hayden is in a dilemma as she loves Liam but has to be with Theo because it is Theo who can protect her. Lydia is definitely connected to the Dread Doctors and this is all Theo's doing. But she will find an unexpected friend in Eichen House and will make plans against the Dread Doctors.

At the same time, some uneasy alliances are forged. Theo offers help to Malia to deal with the Desert Fox, so she has no option but to side with Theo. Meanwhile, Kira and Noshiko go off to find how to come out of the control of the fox spirit. Kira also has to come to some closure regarding her relationship with her mother.

All in all, Season 5B of "Teen Wolf" is heading down the dark, sombre path. At the same time it will also be a season of rebuilding and resurrection.


Okay now more to me, We know in 11 Malia and Braeden play a huge role, also Scott and Stiles will fight for Stilinski's life.

Episode 12 is more about Scott trying to build a pack with loyal members and friends and trust, but it will be difficult. Kira also will returns this episode.

Episode 13 Is in mexico with Kira, and we might see Derek back for once, Chris Argent will also in this episode. Lydia will be in Eichen House, maybe escape already.

Episode 14 Malia will play a huge role again.

Episode 15: Scott and Stiles will have a good conversation. Liam and Scott will also have a conversation, maybe not that good. Parrish will try to figure out his powers, but there might happen something.

Episode 16: Brett might return again. Scott will have a big fight. Parrish and La Bete action will be there too.

Episode 17: Jackson might have a big role in it, doing with someone of the Dread Doctors have kiled his parents (Might be a lie)

Episode 18: Isaac might return.

That's all we know so far.

The Pack rumored:











Derek (Always has been in Scott's pack from when he turned back into a Beta)

Isaac (Rumored to come back, in episode 12, but later it was rumored for 18)

Cora (Rumored to come back for season 5B Episode 17, and rumored to be in season 6)

More? we don't Know.

Season 6:

Opening credits:

Scott McCall (Red Eyes)

Stiles Stilinski (Something new)

Lydia Martin (Something with her banshee powers)

Kira Yukimura (The Kiss and the kitsune)

Derek Hale (The full wolf)

Liam Dunbar (Same as in season 5)

Malia Hale (Were-Coyote, shift from full full coyote to were-coyote)

Jackson Whittemore (The Blue eyes)

Isaac Lahey (Cute face, something special)

Jordan Parrish (The Hellhound))

That would be the opening credits for season 6 if everything goes as planned. They would graduate in Season 6B and go to college in 7. But will Scott still have the lead? Or will Liam have the lead? Or maybe they go into something new? And start with a new cast? But people already hate the idea of Liam getting the lead.

Scott & Stiles need the lead with their baby Liam as third

Lydia, Kira and Malia need to come after that

Derek, Jackson, isaac and Parrish need to be after them.

That would be cool if that can go on till season 9 they would build supernatural ratings and maybe more. Teen Wolf needs more of the old cast back. They need to give other persons more screen time, and quit the stupid stuff.

I hope it goes as planned. And have Lucifer as the villain.

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