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When The Incredibles was released in 2004 it was a hit with audiences and critics alike. There was action, adventure, romance, tension, drama and comedy/ basically a smorgasbord of everything you'd want in a film. At the time it was Pixar's most ambitious project. New software was developed to animate its more difficult scenes, and the film's director Brad Bird pushed and inspired the crew to put their best effort and then some into the picture. As a result, it won several distinguished awards, and according to Rotten Tomatoes and RollingStone it's one of the highest ranking Pixar films. Now, with a sequel in development, what do we expect or desire from The Incredibles 2?

5. No Syndrome

This seems (and is) an obvious factor as Syndrome perished in the first film, and Brad Bird respects the audience intelligence too much to pull a move like that. However, sequels in the past have done it (I'm looking at you Child's Play 2). While Syndrome was an entertaining antagonist the matter of fact is he's (supposed to be) gone, and we'd like to see someone new take his place. Unless it's done creatively there's nothing more annoying than when an adversary finds themselves in a situation where there's no coming back, but by the next film they manage to come out unscathed.

4. Everyone's a Bit Older

While it wouldn't be a problem if The Incredibles 2 resumed where the first movie left off, it'd be interesting to see our heroes older and also see where they've ended up. Especially; on how accepting the public is of superheroes, a (possible) resurgence of crime fighters, Jack Jack's progress, and whether Violet or even Dash feel compelled to work on their own. The possibilities are infinite.

3. More Superheroes/Villains

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

With the majority of masked vigilantes wiped out in the first film, and the Underminer making his debut after Syndrome's death, there's a strong chance that more superheroes and antagonists will emerge. Besides the family and Frozone there's possibly still heroes present who went undetected by Syndrome and may decide to resume their former alternate identities. There's also fresh faces who'll feel confident being on the front lines with the Incredibles breaking the ice. And where there are 'supers' (slang for superheroes in the movie), there's villains. With Syndrome gone, the family is going to need a new adversary, and with the Underminer on the criminal scene he'll surely attract more baddies.

2. More Focus on the Family

The first film's main focus was more on Bob Parr a.k.a Mr. Incredible, rather than his kin. While his inner struggle with home life vs. superhero-ing was okay, people like the Nostalgia Critic agreed that the family was more intriguing. Seeing them interact, fight together against the villain and his crones, and by the end of the movie seeing them confident and comfortable with their abilities. Hopefully, the sequel will put ALL of them in the limelight more rather thanmainly centering on one individual.

1. Everyone Returns

It's a given that the Parr family will return, but what about Frozone, Kari or Edna Mode? These characters were so beguiling and comedic to watch that it'd be a shame if they weren't in the sequel. It wouldn't be an Incredibles movie without Frozone and his cool demeanor and wry sarcasm, Edna's fiery passion and catty comments, and Kari's eager determination and over confidence. If they don't play a huge part the least we can ask are a few or so memorable scenes with them.

Regardless on how the sequel turns out we're confident that it'll be just as entertaining (if not more so than) its' predecessor. Despite Pixar having a couple duds in the past five years, they're slowly regaining traction with the recent success of Inside Out and anticipation of their upcoming project The Good Dinosaur. Knowing that the cast and crew put 120% into The Incredibles and the director's standards they'll surely follow with the same work ethic. After almost eleven years since its release I can't wait for the sequel. Are you guys ready for it?


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