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Wolves are amazing creatures and they have always fascinated me in the way they move and how they live in packs.

Wolves very rarely leave their packs. Their pack is their family, which means they will protect their family. The alpha male is always the more dominant of the male wolves in the pack. The omega wolf is made the omega by the other wolves, they are more cautious and always get picked on by the other wolves.

When it comes time for choosing a mate to mating season, which is in winter, the alpha male chooses. The interesting part of this is that the alpha doesn't have to choose the highest ranked wolf who is female. He could choose the lowest ranking female of his pack to be his mate for life.

After the male alpha has chosen his mate, he takes her to someplace quiet and reserved to mate. During the winter time, he normally takes his mate to a small den nearby that is made under the snow to relax.

A few days later the male comes back without his mate. She is baring pups at the den her mate had left her at. She stays there until the pups are ready to be born. The male brings her food to keep her from starving and healthy. He visits her at least once a day if not a little more than that, but is always keeping an eye on the pack. If the alpha male is not there to watch the pack, their beta steps up to take charge.

About two to three months later, the alpha female gives birth two her pups. It is the end of winter, beginning of spring at this time and by the time spring is in full bloom the pups will be able to walk and explore around the den meeting the rest of the pack. The alpha male is present, I believe, when the pups are born.

The pups learn to hunt and track from the wolves in the pack, not just their mother, but their mother is the one to take care of them and guide them. Once the pups have grown and are about a year, they are able to hunt with the older wolves. They don't leave the pack usually even when they are full grown.

Even though wolves are fascinating creatures, don't go out looking for one after reading this article. They are still dangerous, so watch them from a distance. ;)


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