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It has been nearly two years since the death of Paul Walker, but the legacy of the actor lives, not only for their daughter, but now with a new charity.

In what could have been sat 42 anniversary of the actor’s daughter Meadow Walker, 16, announced the launch of Instagram Paul Walker Foundation to continue giving in honor of his father.

“Commenting on my father, I found myself reflecting on their emotions,” he wrote. “Surrounding his passion, his love for animal rescue, we love to help people and their passion for the difference in gain spontaneous.

I wanted to start this organization because I want to share this piece of it with the world. ” He also wrote: “I am very proud to be launched (paulwalkerfdn) in holiday birthday, I can not think of a better way to celebrate my father.

“Said Paul Walker Foundation on its website he would seek “to help provide education for tomorrow’s leaders from the Atlantic Ocean through scholarships and grants.” Currently Foundation in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Throughout his life, Walker participated in marine biology, and the study of this area when he attended community college and help Billfish Foundation and appearing on the National Geographic Channel in the “Great White Campaign”.

Prado shared some sweet moments and emotional tribute to his father during the past year and a half. Father’s Day festival in June, she shared a photo of herself as a baby plays with his father.

Last September, he celebrated his birthday with a beautiful picture of survival.



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