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This is the tagline for Universal’s new fictional horror ‘Unfriended’. Filmed entirely through someone’s computer, ‘Unfriended’ takes place a year after the suicide of Laura Barns, a girl who was bullied after a video of her drunk at a party was posted on YouTube. On this day, a group of friends are skyping each other when an intruder adds itself to their conversation and starts killing them off. The intruder in question? Laura Barns.

To get a better viewing experience, this film should be watched on a computer. The way the film has been set up is unique and different, but this can be seen as a good and bad tactic: There’s a risk of the audience being taken ‘out of the film’ if watched on a cinema or TV screen. However, as said above, this set up makes for a different and effective watch on a computer.

Unfortunately, the characters in the film aren’t unique or even memorable which is a shame as this does make the film tedious at times. It does also have a tendency to fall into clichés as well as being extremely predictable.

Overall, ‘Unfriended’ is a unique horror that could’ve established itself as a classic in the paranormal genre but instead has clichés, dull characters and predictability. Despite these, I did enjoy the film as the setting made it engaging and, at times, scary and really makes you think twice before posting things online.


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