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I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and as such I have read all the books, seen all the movies, spent countless hours on Pottermore, and explored the depths of the internet, always searching for more content I may have missed. Often, I find posts created by ingenious people who make me laugh or cry, but unfortunately, just as often, I find a tumblr post that makes me wonder if the creator has even read a single page of J. K.'s masterpiece. Then there are posts that give me pause, make me question if I have just uncovered another wonderful hidden gem. This is one such post.

While Professor McGonagall is undoubtably a very powerful witch and queen of basically everything, I don't think the fact that her animagus form and her patronus are the same is due to her impressive magical ability. Rather, I think that any witch or wizard both strong enough to produce a patronus and skilled enough to become an animagus, would discover that they are copies of each other. This makes sense, as you don't get to choose either your patronus or your animagus form, both are reflections of your personality and who you really are.

As so often happens when people believe they have come up with a brilliant original idea, it is quite possible that I am the last of the HP fandom to realize this, and I just hadn't come across the information elsewhere yet. Nevertheless, I thought it's worth sharing any Harry Potter information in the hopes someone else hadn't made this connection yet.


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