ByWilliam Guthrie, writer at
William Guthrie

I will start by giving some credit. No where in my searching could I find anything saying definitively as to whether the flash or silver surfer is faster, but I have seen better arguments for the flash. As I cannot say whether you are wrong or not, I will give you silver surfer as a possible competitor for the flash.

However, you fail to know anything about the other characters and how they relate speed wise. A simple google search will provide ample evidence showing that the flash is many times faster than these other characters. The reasoning may change but ultimately none of them are even close in a fair race. For example, the highest I have seen for quicksilver was Mach 3 or 4 (same for makkari) whereas the lowest I remember seeing for the flash is ~50 times the speed of light. That is a huge difference. And there is numerous sources debunking superman as well. Please actually put some work into your articles in the future, you really make yourself look like an idiot and I'm sure you'll lead to others reading your article and believing it's falsehoods.


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