ByMichael Belmont, writer at

With the destruction of the Collector's domicile, would be the resurrection of Adam Warlock. My biggest hope was he would appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. While there are some vague similarities between the Vision and Warlock, Warlock has history with Thanos. Warlock alone knows how to defeat him. Along with talk about The Avengers part 3 being in two parts with the Magus being the main villain, how can you do that without Warlock? He should become a member of the Guardians by the second movie, explaining his purge of the Magus, as well as his history with Gamora. These movies are supposed to be for the comic nerds who know and love these characters. The main reason why these films sucks is because of how directors want to make it something different. Wolverine would sucks if he didn't have claws, Hulk would sucks if he wasn't the strongest there is, the comic series did very well, why mess up such a good thing? This will be the closest thing to a Secret War we will ever see on the big screen. PLEASE DON'T BLOW IT!


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