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It's been years since the final episodes of Zoey 101. With it's original run spanning from 2005-2008, fans are still been able to enjoy those years at PCA (Pacific Coast Academy for non-fans) with re-runs on Nickelodeon's sister channel, TeenNick. However, over the weekend the show has been given a breath of new life with a video entitled "What did Zoey Say?" ICYMI: here it is, straight from executive producer, Dan Schneider's, official YouTube page!

FINALLY!!! Fans of the show finally have the answer to that burning question: "What did Zoey say on in that time capsule?" And yet.... it kind of feels like we already knew this all along. The entirety of their relationship was filled with ups and downs, flirtatious moments, and lingering stares that made everyone think that it would just be a matter of time. There is even an entire page on the Zoey 101 wikia site dedicated to breaking down their relationship. And even without all that information, it looked like the two would have that fairy tale ending when they finally kiss and make plans to be with each other in Hawaii for the summer. With all this in mind, a few new questions arise that fans need answers for:

What happened between Chase and Zoey?

Millennial's Nickelodeon "IT" couple
Millennial's Nickelodeon "IT" couple

Most of the time, series would end with the "happily-ever after" finale whether it be the possibilities of a bright future, finding closure after a long struggle or the union of two star-crossed lovers. Zoey 101 was no different until this video. Set roundabout 10 years after the final scene, something happened between Zoey and Chase to lead to this moment. It's obvious from the short that Chase has not gotten over Zoey (mistakenly calling his girlfriend Zoe, the picture of her in his bag, running off to find her, etc.) but does that mean for their relationship? Was it an argument over something small? A fight about his hair being too big? So many possibilities could be the reason they broke up but how will we find out? Which leads me to question #2

Does this mean a new movie/mini-series could happen?

Dan Schneider has left us with a huge cliffhanger and even more questions. How will Chase find her? Will this be a happy reunion? Will Michael get to take his bath? With this new spark back in the hearts of the fans, everyone is looking for signs of more to come. Not only that, but the demand for these two to reunite is ridiculous! Just take a look at the spam Jamie Lynn Spears has been getting on some/most of her instagram pictures.

#FindChase#FindChase" title="">

If it were all up to the viewers, we would already have commercials and teasers for a new movie or an announcement for a web series entitled "Chasing Zoey Redux." But sadly, that is not the case and brings up my next thought:

Would Nickelodeon still be willing to air a special?

Ni ni ni ni, ni ni ni nick....
Ni ni ni ni, ni ni ni nick....

Schneider, in a brilliant move, released this video 10 years after the original air date of the "Time Capsule" episode. That being said, it was 10 years ago. The series finale dates back to May 2008 (over 7 years ago). Although Nickelodeon announced the revival of classic 90's shows on a new channel called The Splat, Zoey 101 falls in that awkward in between period of not being a 90's show but still considered an older program. However, the fact that TeenNick has been airing the reruns, it is possible that they could slate a Zoey 101 marathon specifically highlighting the Chase-Zoey relationship leading up to the new TV movie. At the end of the video, the Nickelodeon logo is seen on screen which could mean the studio supports the idea of bringing back the show. Or it could just mean they still own the copyrights to the show and it was put in there for legal purposes.

Either way, time will tell if we will get to see anymore of this story. I, for one, would love to get some closure now that my curiosity has been stirred and I'm sure I'm not alone. So to Dan Schneider: tweet us a clue, start up an indiegogo page, make an announcement on you website, do something so we're not left in suspense!


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